Are Mobile Games Killing Consoles?

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The rise of mobile gaming is killing consoles. Sometime, sometime soon – games as we know them will cease to exist, and all there’ll be is Angry Birds, or worse – Flappy Birds… But is this actually true? Is the success of mobile gaming hurting the console industry? And is it a threat to the sorts of games we know and love? Well, let’s start with some facts. A 2013 IDC report concluded that consumer spending on games for iOS and Android had risen to over 4 times the amount spent on games for gaming-optimised handhelds; including the Nintendo 3DS and PlayStation Vita. More impressive; game sales accounted for 77% of all app revenue on either the iOS App Store or Google Play. With figures like these, it’s hard to deny that the way we play video games is changing. In fact, forget “changing” – it’s already changed!